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Uncover the captivating stories and legacies of Egyptian queens. Discover the secrets of their reign and the impact they had on ancient Egypt's history.
Queen Nefertiti [Ancient Egyptian Queen] : Paper Dolls of Classic Stars, Vintage Fashion and Nostalgic Characters, for Kids and Collectors Alexandria, Costumes, Queen Nefertiti, Egypt Queen, Ancient Egypt Fashion Queens, Egyptian Queen, Egypt Clothes, Egypt Clothing, Cleopatra

Paper Dolls of Classic Stars, Vintage Fashion and Nostalgic Characters Queen Nefertiti [Ancient Egyptian Queen] - Esteemed fashion illustrator lends his talent to a very chic paper doll of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. The legendary beauty whose exquisitely sculpted head is one of the great treasures of the ancient world in the inspiration for an extraordinary interpretation of a regal beauty from ancient history transformed into a contemporary

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In the twilight years of the Roman Republic, a ship sailed into the heart of Rome, carrying a passenger whose presence would send ripples through the fabric of history. She was no ordinary woman, but Cleopatra, the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt, a woman of unparalleled intellect, charisma, and political acumen. As her ship docked and she set foot on Roman soil, the city held its breath. The stage was set for a series of events that would intertwine the destinies of Rome…

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Cleopatra VII, iconic ruler and last queen of Egypt, is a fascinating historical figure of the Lagide dynasty. Born in 69 BC. AD, she acceded to the throne in 51 BC. AD at the age of 18, after the death of his father, Ptolemy XII Auletes. She ruled jointly with her younger brother, Ptolemy XIII, whom she was forced to marry due to the customs of the time.

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