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Explore a collection of intriguing English idioms that will enhance your language skills. Learn their meanings and start using them in your everyday conversations.
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Idioms that incorporate parts of the body ingeniously create vivid imagery, transforming abstract ideas into more tangible and relatable concepts. These expressions play a crucial role in enriching our everyday communication, making it more colorful and compelling. For those who are either learning or teaching English, acquiring a grasp of these body idioms can be immensely helpful.

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+300 English Idioms, Definitions and Examples Idioms about TIME in English Time to hit the road Time to depart Around the clock At all times A devil of a time A difficult or frustrating time For the time being At the present moment; for now Bad time An inconvenient moment or an unfortunate experience Kill time To do something while waiting As time goes by As time passes or moves Lose track of time To be unaware of what time it is Caught in a time wrap Unchanged in an antiquated or obsolete…

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