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Himba girl dancing, Angola, by Eric Lafforgue Mud, Africa, Hair Styles, Dance, Angola, Himba Girl, African, Himba People, African Tribes

It was difficult to take this picture: because of the light, the flash, the fact that i was lying on the ground, etc, but the main one was that the girls stopped to dance everytime i tried to take the picture.I asked my guide why and i understood at the end of the dance: they do not wear any underwear! Himba tribe is famous is Namibia, but they also live in south Angola, crossing the borders without any visas (lucky people!). In Angola, most of them live in remote areas, far from the towns…

Tuk Tuk Tales
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African Traditional Pottery African Water vessel. A ceramic jar which is worn by women on their backs to fetch water from wells and springs and then to store it in their homes. Ouadhias culture. Great Kabylia, Algeria Azande Vessel - Africa, Angola Nupe Vessel - Africa,Nigeria Water jug from the Jerma tribe - Niger Two Samburu girls dressed in her traditional beaded necklaces and headress at a dance. Ol Malo, Laikipia, Kenya African beer pot Nigerian pottery vessel Yellow Hornbill Kruger…

Janette Mills
Tsemay Man . Ethiopia Country, People, Africa, African Men, Ethiopian Tribes, African Tribes, African People, African, African Design

Tsemay are taking care about the way they look and the way they dress, even if they do not wear a lot of things!. Nowadays, as chinese products are coming even in the deep south of Ethiopia, they start to buy and wear sunglasses. It is a good thing, as many people suffer from sun burnings in the eyes. But i'm not sure this guy bought the sunglasses to protect his eyes! Also known as Tsemako or Tsamay, the Tsemay belong to the lowland east Cushitic family in which the Dassanatch and the…

Abby Fisher

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