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Boost your Etsy business with these effective tips and tricks. Find out how to optimize your shop, increase sales, and stand out from the competition.
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Making these mistakes in your Etsy shop could be the difference between handmade business failure and a successful craft business making a full-time income.

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What's one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your Etsy shop? It is important that you don't make this one mistake on Etsy. Find out more in this post.

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Are you frustrated with trying to drive more traffic to your Etsy shop, but having difficulty understanding the ins and outs of Etsy SEO? It can be incredibly frustrating to figure out why your shop isn't getting the recognition it deserves. This article will provide Etsy search tips to help you understand why Etsy SEO can be so hard and how to think about it correctly. With the right approach, you'll be able to make your Etsy shop stand out from the competition and reach your desired…

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Hello Liz Marie Blog readers! I am so glad you are reading this…you are aiming for success when you research and read about business growth! Woohoo! You are here because you’ve opened an Etsy Shop---but now what!? Social media can be overwhelming at times, but I assure you---it’s your friend. Breathe! You’ll get there…and it’s a wonderful evolving journey as you learn and grow. I’m Melissa, the owner and metal smith jewelry designer for JanuaryJewelryShop on Etsy. I’ve been very pleased with…

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We are visual beings and Etsy certainly realizes that. We also have other senses that we essentially lose when we are shopping online. Our sense of smell and our sense of touch are out the window. But with good photography and with the help of some well written descriptors we can bring back the sense […]

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