Experimental art techniques

Unleash your creativity with these innovative and unconventional art techniques. Discover new ways to express yourself and push the boundaries of traditional art. Try these experimental techniques and take your artwork to the next level.
still life on mixed media background

This article lists still life ideas for teachers or students who are stuck or in need of inspiration. The collection includes tried and true favourites that have been used by Art teachers for generations, as well as more unusual and contemporary still life topics.

Aimee Zvinakis
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Experimental photography is excellent if you're stuck in a rut or trapped inside because of the weather. Here are 10 techniques you should try for a motivational kick. In this article, I'll focus on digital photography rather than film-based photography. Most of the techniques you can do without purchasing extra equipment. All you need is your camera, some everyday items, and Photoshop. What Is Experimental Photography? Experimental photography is using your camera or post-processing in a…

Danielle Briglia