Farm cottage

Escape to a charming farm cottage and experience a cozy getaway like no other. Explore our top ideas to create a rustic and inviting atmosphere for your countryside retreat.
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Happy Friday, Friends! This week we have been trying to live life to its fullest. From swimming in the pool to playing with dinosaurs and finding time to garden in between. I didn't feel the greatest, my PCOS has been acting up, but no matter what life throws at me I always know I have this amazing creative outlet and community to turn to for support. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling much better and It amazed me to hear that so many of you suffer from PCOS as well. This community has to…

Jen Wilson
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A couple of weeks ago, tucked away down the longest driveway ever, we found our favourite NGS garden so far. Rolf’s Farm is a magically wild and rambling place, a place where roses tumble over walls and fences, where deep red and pale pink scabious dance atop the long grasses in the waist height meadows

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