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Indulge in the ultimate comfort with cozy and stylish felted slippers. Discover top ideas for keeping your feet warm and fashionable all year round.
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With some basic sewing skills and a few pieces of felt, you can easily make a pair of felt slippers to wear around the home. You can make them out of wet felt, an accidentally felted sweater, or commercial felt (I'd suggest wool felt) that you may choose to embellish with needle felting. I've also i

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For a variation on these slippers that does not require cutting the opening, click HERE. Despite a warmer winter than usual in North Dakota, my feet are cold ~ and the cute store-bought slippers that have sufficed in other years were making my feet sweat. Etsy is full of enticing wool slippers, but they are unfortunately much out of my price range. Not a problem, I can make my own. But the patterns I found for knitted ones do not look like what I had in mind. I wanted warmth for my toes…

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These felted slippers are made using all natural products –wool, hot water and soap. It will perfectly fit for wearing inside. They are soft and so easy that even imperceptible, it will fit like your second skin. Slippers will let your feet skin breathe, because these slippers are made using only natural products. Soles are covered with natural latex that makes slippers not so slippery. You can choose heel type. This felted slippers can be made in any size. You can also order these slippers…

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