First day of school activities eyfs

Make the first day of school memorable for your EYFS students with these fun and interactive activities. Get them excited about learning and create a positive classroom environment from day one.
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Try out these fun hands on activities and crafts to start the first week of school! Students will not only learn rules and behaviors of the classroom, but they will have the opportunity to work on their name during multiple activities, letter and number recognition, self portraits, make a puzzle using their very own handprint and one of my students' favorite activities--The Alphabet Star Necklace!

Missy Cross Broussard
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The days before my first day ever teaching, I remember other teachers telling me not to smile till December so that the kids new the drill and that I didn't mean business. I remember them saying that the first day is filled with nothing but drills and procedures because we are training our students. I have a bone to pick with that. We don't train our kids, we teach them and remind them. Far to often I see on Facebook that Sammy's daughter came back home on the color red, on her first day of…

Erin Hoekstra