Fishing bait

Discover the top fishing bait options that will help you catch more fish. Learn about the different types of bait and how to use them effectively for a successful fishing trip.

Few baits are better at catching fish than corn. Corn has always been a popular and cost effective fishing bait, but it seems that every fishing forum is choked with discussions on the legality of using it which leads to a lot of confusion. Is fishing with corn actually illegal? […]

Dennis Weaver
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Let's discus the best bass bait to use for your next fishing trip so you can catch more fish. Fishing for bass can be a struggle for some people. There are so many things to consider while you go fishing. Where should you go, what time should you go fishing, what rod to use for bass, and what bait to use. Bass can be picky with what they want to eat and when they make their move to grab it. With a little time and research, you can decide which bait will work best for you and your bass…

Crissy Holloway