Focal points

Transform your space with these creative ideas to create captivating focal points. Discover how to make a lasting impression with your decor.
FOCAL POINTS LINK “Elements with a point of interest, emphasis or difference will capture and hold the viewer’s attention.” This principle suggests that our attention will be drawn toward contrast, toward the element that is unlike the others in some way. Your eye should be drawn to the square. It’s a different shape and color from the other elements. I’ve also given it a drop shadow to further emphasize it. Contrast Design Principle, Emphasis Design, Gestalt Principles, Photobook Layout, Product Development Process, Cognitive Psychology, Contrast Design, Visual Hierarchy, Interior Design Presentation

Gestalt principles are important to understand. They sit at the foundation of everything we do visually as designers. They describe how everyone visually perceives objects. This article is part of a new series about design principles that can serve both as a refresher for seasoned designers and reference for newcomers to the industry. Hopefully, the content covered here isn't too obvious and self-explanatory, but it's always great to have a nice quick refresher every now and again, isn't it?

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This photo shows emphasis. The pencil in the picture with the most focus on it is the focal point of the picture. It is the part that your wye is immediately drawn too. Depth Of Field Photography, Focal Point Photography, Focus Pictures, Photography Elements, Foto Macro, Aperture Photography, Photography Assignments, Elements And Principles, Principles Of Art

too obvious I expect, but I haven't checked the group yet... So, I checked, no lines of pencils yet. good. Shot with 135mm f2 and a 36mm extension tube, lit with one light pencil left, 1m @ 1/64th and one right 2m @ 1/64th. cropped square, vignette added, sharpened a bit and I still missed the focus point :( and also, paying some attention to the "skills" thread in the group discussion with lead lines

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Rule of thirds-grid divided into 9 rectangles creating 4 intersections where a primary focal point is placed within one intersection thus creating an interesting a symmetrical composition Photography Cheat Sheets, Rule Of Thirds Photography, Tato Geometris, The Rule Of Thirds, Manual Photography, Photography Rules, Rule Of Three, Desain Editorial, Composition Art

The rule of thirds is a principle of composition that helps you keep your images dynamic. It gives you eight elements to work with -- four lines and four intersections. Placing points of interest along the lines or at the intersections tends to create a more interesting composition.

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