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Explore a variety of form drawing techniques to enhance your artistic expression. Discover how to create visually engaging forms that capture attention and inspire creativity.
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Here are a few sheets outlining the process and results for the homework this week. I put these together so you could keep track of how to put together compound curved forms and how to construct and evolve the angular/positional/flat plane forms with the rounded/organic/compound/"bubbly" volumes. I also included 3 pages of diagrams on with the ellipses and "jagged angle" section of the homework. If you follow the diagrams that further explains the compound form process we started in class…

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1. TWO/ 2 pages of Measured STRAIGHT lines horizontally across the page. Use different drawing media...graphite (don’t smear), colored pencil (preferably black), ballpoint and felt pens (keep it at about .05 at the widest nib/tip width) 2. Diagonals across page at different angles. Remember to repeat the same overlapping line at least 8 to 10 times. the objective is to be able to aim at and repeat the muscle-memory and exactness. 3. Rhythmic jagged angles (scan example page 5) where you…

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Directions:Find at least 4 objects that are basic forms (squares, cones, circles, cylinders).Set them up in an interesting composition with 1 light source.Create a pencil drawing from direct observation.Include a background and fill the whole page.Use a full range of values to illustrate chiaroscuro.Pyramidal (triangular) shaped compositions work