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Explore a collection of innovative and funny inventions that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Discover clever and quirky ideas that will make your day a little more enjoyable.
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Kenji Kawakami, The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions (101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions and 99 More Unuseless Japanese Inventions) (W. W. Norton, 2005) «In Japan Kawakami is famous for his tireless promotion of Chindogu: the art of the unuseless idea. Meant to solve problems of modern life, these bizarre and logic-defying gadgets and gizmos are actually entirely impractical. Addicts of the unuseless will love this collection of 200 Chindogu, hilarious inventions that have…

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13 New Inventions That No One Asked For | Bored Panda Shoes, Inventions, Mens Flip Flop, Kicks, Slip On Sneaker, Cool Gadgets, Barefoot, Funny Inventions, Step On A Lego

Hello, and a happy Summer to all my Internet fans - it’s me, Matt Benedetto, your favorite inventor of all things unnecessary. While you have been out enjoying the sunshine, I have been hard at work in my laboratory, creating a new batch of inventions you completely, absolutely, 100% don’t need in your life!

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Welcome to another year of inventing! Matty Benedetto here – the evil genius behind Unnecessary Inventions. Today is a very special day because I have taken a step out of the Unnecessary Studio to introduce my newest collection of inventions that you absolutely were not asking for to help solve the problems you really do not have! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and YouTube to stay up to date with each invention as it’s created! You can check out my previous invention posts on Bored Panda…

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Whether you’re using pacifiers for your baby or not, we can all agree that one made of 24-carat gold isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. This is the epitome of unnecessary items that we never even thought we could have, even if we wanted to. Or maybe you can be the judge and decide whether you could really use some of the inventions below.

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