Garden bike storage

Discover creative and practical ideas for storing your bikes in the garden. Keep your bikes safe and organized while maximizing your outdoor space.

We've rounded up this selection of bike storage shed options in a variety of sizes, price ranges and materials that should provide you something that will work for your specific bike situation.

John Ran
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Ecological highly secure custom built living, storage, parking, garden and outdoor solutions for urban and rural spaces. Garden rooms, bike sheds, bin sheds, garages, street furniture - hand made to fit any space - with green roof metal & timber. Designed and manufactured in the UK, nationwide delivery.

Bjorn Friedrich

We take bikes & buggies out of your house and secure them in a beautiful, bespoke steel bike storage shed disguised as a garden wall. HQ Hackney, London

Courtney Harris

Bespoke Secure Beautiful Garden Bike Storage Shed for London Victorian Terrace. Architectural Design Customised for your Home. Storage for Bikes, Bins, Buggies.