Gardening for kids

Introduce your kids to the wonders of gardening with these fun and educational ideas. Help them develop a love for nature and learn valuable skills while having a great time in the garden.
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At Doing Good Together™ we love to find ways to make a difference, not occasionally, but regularly, as part of the hobbies and habits we already pursue. Here are four easy ways you and your little one can make a difference with this summer's family vegetable garden and three essential reasons to mak

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Share the Sweetness2633 5 64SharesWelcome to Toddler School! Cash & Wyatt are on another educational adventure together. For this unit, Cash is 2.5 and Wyatt is 15 Months. We will be taking the Hooligans outside and broadening our home school preschool classroom horizons. I’m Kandice, former special education and kindergarten educator turned full-time mom. You can read… Read More Composting for Kids | A Complete Toddler School Unit

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