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Explore a variety of hands-on and interactive geometry activities to enhance your understanding of shapes, angles, and spatial relationships. Discover exciting ways to make geometry come alive and unleash your creativity.
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In an era of high stakes testing, art is sometimes the first thing to go but we as teachers need to find ways to continue providing art experiences for our students. Not only is art just plain fun, and let's face it, kids do need fun, but it's much more than that. Art is beneficial in so many ways! Find out ways to incorporate art in this post by The Teacher Next Door.

The Teacher Next Door
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When it comes to math, geometry seems to be in a whole different league. Some kids fall in love with it instantly, while it seems challenging for other kids. One of the great things about geometry is

Megan D'Adamo
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If you think back to high school, chances are you either loved geometry or hated it. But personally, I've yet to come across an elementary student who hates it! With so much time spent on number sense throughout the school year, geometry activities provide a refreshing change of pace.

Erika Ayala