Giant wall flowers diy

Add a touch of whimsy to your home decor with these DIY giant wall flowers. Create beautiful and unique wall art that will impress your guests and liven up any room.
These bases are for giant paper flower stems. Making your large paper flowers stand easily. #giantstem #paperflowerstems #giantflowerstem #paperflowerstand #giantflowerstand #largeflowerstem #bigflowerstem #bigstemflowers #paperflowersdiy #freestandingflowers Paper Flower Stems, Large Paper Flowers Diy, Flower Petal Template, Giant Paper Flower, Flowers Stand, Paper Rose Template, Fleurs Diy, Paper Wall Hanging, Large Paper Flowers

Giant Stem Base for Large Free Standing Flowers, Large Paper Flowers DIY, Giant Flower Stems Base, Giant Paper Flower Stand - Etsy

Please Read Through!!! This Giant Stem Base is to use with 5/8” Flexible Stem. It withholds your flower weight better than bases that use with 1/2” stem from other sellers, prevent drooping issue !!!! Great to make Giant Free Standing Flowers !(crepe paper/ cardstock/ foam, silk,ect.). The rods are attachable, easy for use and transport as in the video below. The BASE and RODS are made from PREMIUM METAL to avoid it from being rusty over the years. It is Heavy…

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