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How H.R. Giger's Brilliant Madness Helped Make Alien "Erotic" Hr Giger Alien, Hr Giger Art, Giger Alien, Giger Art, H.r. Giger, Alien 1979, Alien Artwork, Art Alien, Hr Giger

The new book Alien Vault gives you a terrific insight into the insane amount of craftsmanship — and the craftsmanlike touches of insanity — that went into Ridley Scott's Alien. Ian Nathan's new book is a ridiculously comprehensive and beautifully assembled tribute to one of science fiction's all-time great movies. And…

James Viccaro
Superflat, Giger Alien, Tina Modotti, Giger Art, H.r. Giger, But Is It Art, Hr Giger, Art Fractal, Rat Rods Truck

Esta semana se nos fue el genio suizo H. R. Giger, el artista gráfico, diseñador y escultor detrás de las criaturas de Alien. Ese fue su trabajo más reconocido, que le valió un Oscar en 1980, perde no fue el único. Para celebrar su vida y carrera, hemos seleccionado algunas de sus creaciones más increíbles e…

Ble Caroto
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One of the images from H.R. Giger’s ‘Necronomicon.’ H.R. Giger’s 1977 book Necronomicon showcased his chilling, futuristic images of a world beyond our own would become the basis and inspiration for director Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien. Giger’s profile was raised in 1973 when his sci-fi art was showcased by prog-rockers Emerson Lake & Palmer on the elaborate cover of their 1973 album Brain Salad Surgery. Swiss publishing house Sphinx-Verlag would publish a German-language portfolio full…

Abbie Smith