Embark on a journey to Giza and uncover the secrets of the ancient wonders. Discover fascinating insights and plan your own adventure to this historic destination.
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Cairo is often associated with ancient Egypt and is also synonymously associated with the world-famous Giza Pyramid Complex. These jaw-dropping structures are something that all travelers aspire to visit and we can definitely understand why. We can also understand if you just can’t get enough of these awesome pyramids and want to feel like you’re in reach of them 24/7. So consider booking any of these charming hotels in Cairo with pyramid views.

Sandra Hurt
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A question that has always raised conspiracy theories, the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids was not that complicated. The fact that the construction of the Egyptian pyramids is difficult to explain becomes a plate full of conspiracy theories. At the time of the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza (2,560 BC), the ancient Egyptians …


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