Glass block shower

Transform your bathroom with a modern and stylish glass block shower. Explore top ideas to create a luxurious and unique bathing experience.
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If you’d love to have a glass block shower in your new home or bathroom remodel but feel your builder, remodeler or building supply store are clueless about this specialty glass product, you’re not alone. And when contractor and suppliers are ignorant about glass block showers, here’s a few things many of them will try to do. First, they’ll tell you why you SHOULDN’T use the product. Second, they’ll tell you their version of the ‘facts’ about glass block showers, even if they’re blowing…

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Learn the cost and prices of glass block prefabricated shower wall kits and 5 designs mistakes you don’t want to make while doing your job. Call 877-668-5888 for design, installation assistance and nationwide pricing.

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