God of air

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Air Elemental, Jarek Nocon on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AmgNq Air Elemental Dnd, Air Aesthetic Element, Air Element Aesthetic, Air Water Fire Earth, Magical Fantasy World, Air Spirit, Elemental Beings, Air Aesthetic, Air Elemental

Illustration created for "Heroes", dice/card games by Adam Kwapiński (Lords of Hellas, Nemesis). In game players become true heroes of a magical fantasy world, possessing great powers related to different elements: air, water, fire, earth and leading powerful fantasy armies. © Lion Games

Michael Mendoza
God Of Air, Primordial Gods, Air Aesthetic, Full Illustration, Male Art Men, Ancient Egyptian Deities, Egyptian Deity, Clouds In The Sky, Ancient Egypt Art

Full illustration and concept studies for "DND- De Natura Deorum" charity zine project "Shu is the Egyptian god of sunlight and air. He takes a human form wearing a plume on his head while his bones are the clouds in the sky, used by the king in his ascent to heaven. He is one of the primordial gods, with his arms always raised and supporting the sky-goddess Nut, holding her apart from her consort, the Earth God Geb, in order to create and to keep the world alive."

Anja Bruns