Goose hunting

Learn effective techniques and tips for goose hunting that will increase your chances of a successful hunt. Discover the best gear, locations, and tactics to maximize your hunting experience.
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Waterfowl season is fast approaching and it's time to start scouting and strategizing. But, you don't need a hundred decoys to make early-season Canada geese commit. Local family flocks of parent and juvenile honkers call for contained, natural-looking spreads that invite small groups of birds right in. Find summer success with these three sets that won't break the bank, or your back.

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Photos by Tom Martineau/The Raw Spirit When arctic weather has ponds and lakes locked up with ice, goose hunters have two choices: picked-over agriculture fields (which are usually locked by leases) or rivers that run big and fast enough to keep from freezing over. That open water will attract honkers, but successfully hunting the fast-moving, bone-chilling water requires a different approach from field and lake tactics.

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