Half marathon motivation

Stay motivated throughout your half marathon training with these inspiring tips. Discover strategies to push through the tough moments and achieve your running goals.
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Confession: I almost didn't finish my first half marathon. I did everything wrong. From training to race day, I made (preventable) mistakes. If only I'd learned half marathon hacks before race day, I wouldn't have wanted to curl into a sad, pitiful little ball by Mile 6! The Point: Running 13.1 miles is hard, but you can make it easier...want to know how? Simply follow these ingenious half marathon hacks and you'll be WAY more physically and mentally prepared than I was (lucky you)! 1.)…

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I’m just one week out from running my second half-marathon. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I believe training for these runs has changed my life in so many different ways, physically and mentally. I have a different perspective of what my body is capable of, I have a different perception of mys

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