Half marathon training tips

Get ready for your first half marathon with these effective training tips. Discover how to improve your endurance, build your strength, and stay motivated throughout your training journey.
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Confession: I almost didn't finish my first half marathon. I did everything wrong. From training to race day, I made (preventable) mistakes. If only I'd learned half marathon hacks before race day, I wouldn't have wanted to curl into a sad, pitiful little ball by Mile 6! The Point: Running 13.1 miles is hard, but you can make it easier...want to know how? Simply follow these ingenious half marathon hacks and you'll be WAY more physically and mentally prepared than I was (lucky you)! 1.)…

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First half marathon tips: advice for training and what to do on race day from getting to the race to refueling and giving yourself a pep talk!

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"I would watch people pass me on my walks, and I never envied them. I never wished to be a runner, and I never got excited while watching people cross finish lines. One day, things changed." My Running Story! (please read first) So you're interested in running a half marathon?…

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Here is a chart based off of gender, age group and ability level that will tell you what is the average time for a half marathon.

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My half marathon is quickly approaching, and I can’t believe it! Time seems to be flying by so fast, and I feel so unprepared for it. It’s all mental, I know, but the thought of running 13.1 miles sort of terrifies me right now… Thankfully Isaac is here to keep me from going crazy! We […]

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Running a marathon is an incredible accomplishment. It never truly gets easier, but here are 15 things I wish I'd known before running my first marathon.

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