Hard Candy

Indulge in the sweetness of hard candy with these delicious and irresistible ideas. Discover unique flavors and creative recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Strawberry candies with liquid centers

Ah, Halloween is just so nostalgic. Watching all the little trick-or-treaters scurry around the neighborhood conjures up tons of memories from when we were kids. That feeling you got when you looked in the mirror to see your costume for the first time. The palpable glee in the air as you and every single other student in your entire school took a lap around the playground for the most spirited Halloween parade ever. The nervous excitement you got in the pit of your stomach every time you…

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This bulk bag holds 2 pounds of Jambo Mint Balls Candy; approximately 100 pieces per order These mint balls are red and white, individually wrapped, and have a classic peppermint flavor Jumbo Mint Balls provide a tasty treat for you and your guests; it's ideal for candy buffets, parties and candy dishes Guests at your party can freshen up their breath when you put a bowl of Jumbo Mint Balls on the snack table Add these classic treats to Halloween bowls, Christmas stockings, and party favors

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