Hat crafts

Get inspired with these fun and easy hat crafts. From DIY party hats to stylish sun hats, discover the perfect project to showcase your creativity and add a touch of flair to your outfit.
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Top hats are a classy addition to any outfit, but they can be a bit pricey if you're looking for a quick costume accessory. Thankfully, you don't need any hat-making experience to create a top hat at home. Instead, all you need is some...

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Paper hats are so simple to make and really fun to wear! With just 5 minutes and 2 sheets of construction paper, you can fold a cute hat to wear for dress up play, parties or costumes. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below, or watch the quick video to learn how to fold a paper hat. Personalize your hat even more by using brightly coloured paper, or decorate it with markers, pencil crayons and stickers! RELATED: How to Make a Paper Boat This post contains affiliate links. If you use these…

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Learn how to make a cone out of paper with this easy step-by-step craft tutorial. There are three methods to secure your paper cone shape, and once you're done, you can even turn your paper cone into a diy paper party hat with a few more easy steps! Kids will love being able to make and decorate their own party hats for their next birthday or holiday celebration! #lauraradniecki How To Make A Paper Cone Diy, How To Make A Cone Out Of Paper, How To Make A Paper Cone, How To Make A Cone Out Of Cardboard, How To Make Paper Cones, How To Make Cones From Paper, How To Make A Paper Hat, Diy Cones Paper, Diy Paper Cones

Learn how to make a cone out of paper with this easy step-by-step tutorial. There are three different methods to make a paper cone with a flat bottom, depending on the supplies you have. And once you're done, you can easily turn it into a DIY paper party hat! If you're like me, you probably learned how to make a cone out of paper in elementary school. Life’s been busy though, and what once seemed simple might seem harder now. I’m going to show you the best way I’ve found to make a cone out…

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