Haunted house diy

Get into the Halloween spirit with these DIY haunted house ideas. Transform your home into a spooky masterpiece with these creative and easy-to-make decorations.
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It’s no secret that I’m crazy for Halloween. I love putting together our Halloween special issue magazine and I simply adore taping our Halloween television special. I hope you’ll join me once again for a great Halloween fright-fest, including thrilling and chilling party ideas. This year, we teach you how to transform an ordinary two-car

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Here are the best, easiest, and most creative DIY Halloween party decorations that'll scare guests out of your bedrooms without them even knowing it.

Lauren Bunch
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I’ve made it pretty clear how much I love fall, but what I haven’t talked a lot about is Halloween in particular. While Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday, Halloween isn’t far behind. I like the cute and friendly decorations, but I also love creeping out friends and visitors with something scary and maybe a […]

Heather McGarvey Pirus