Heirloom vegetables

Discover the flavors of heirloom vegetables and learn how to grow them in your own garden. Explore our top ideas for incorporating these unique and tasty vegetables into your meals.
Rare "Blackboy" heirloom peaches... | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Marsala Pantone, Plum Trees, Heirloom Vegetables, Food Forest, Peach Trees, Growing Fruit, Fruit Plants, Food Garden, Edible Plants

Rare "Blackboy" heirloom peaches...

...from my peach tree. Harvested over 50 this season, and had to preserve half of them in syrup for later. :) They are incredibly delicious and beautiful, with a deep, wine-red colour. I didn't waste anything; after removing the skins and pits for bottling, I used the skins to make "peach honey" and planted the pits - hopefully I can propagate a few more trees of this rare variety. Uploaded with the Flock Browser

Jess Dickerson