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Indulge in the world of Henri Bendel and explore the exquisite collection of luxury accessories, handbags, and jewelry. Experience the allure and sophistication of Henri Bendel for yourself.
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Don't worry, this a delight of a read, your feet nor pocketbook will suffer. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and ephemera from all over the world 'The World of Department Stores' by Vendome Press, offers a fascinating history of these centers of shopping and regional culture. Born in the Gilded Age in France, the department store grew-up due to the industrial revolution, the rise of the middle class, and the invention of steel-frame architecture and the elevator. Spectacular buildings…

Carol Steel
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Dogs...a girls best friend?

Everyone is always talking about a dog being a man's best friend. I'm writing this to all you girls out there who just couldn't imagine their life without jake, spot or lassie! When Tyson first arrived at our house he was just a puppy who mostly slept or snuggled. Those first few days were magical! He would cuddle up to me and sleep in my arms for hours! As we all know....that QUICKLY changed! Then came the accidents, the discovery of how fun it is to rip carpet up and the new found bark…

Lisa Watson