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Discover innovative ways to transform your high school library into a vibrant and engaging space that inspires learning and creativity. Explore top ideas to create a welcoming environment for students and encourage a love for reading.
Monticello High School's Learning Commons is rethinking how students use libraries - has Maker studios, reading lounges, instructional spaces Collaborative Learning Spaces, Makerspace Library, Library Space, School Library Design, Future Library, Library Media Specialist, Middle School Libraries, Library Media Center, High School Library

Innovations at Monticello High School library recognized

Monticello High School’s library is called the “Learning Commons,” but its name isn’t the only nontraditional aspect of the space. More unique than the inclusive title is that, under the guidance of librarians Joan Ackroyd and Ida Mae Craddock, rethinking the library’s role is changing education at the Albemarle school. “Teachers come down to the […]

Diana Rendina (Renovated Learning)
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How to Run a Full-Choice Book Club in Your Classroom: Independent Reading in Secondary - Reading and Writing Haven

Wanting to revamp your independent reading program? Try using a classroom book club, which is a great way to enrich, engage, and differentiate in secondary.

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First Days of School in a New-To-You Library - Mrs. ReaderPants

As we approach Winter Break, I realized I haven't written many blog articles lately. I moved to a new city and started in a new-to-me library this year. I've been too busy to do much blog writing beyond my infamous New Releases posts and a couple of random book reviews. I'm about 10 book reviews behind, and they may never get written at this point. It's been an exhausting few months, but Winter Break looms large and lovely on the horizon...only one more week to go!

Jordyn H.
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25 Ways to Build Your School's Reading Culture - We Are Teachers

When we let students know that reading is worthwhile, it creates a chain reaction of learning. Here are 25 strategies for fostering a reading culture.

Sherrise Gairns
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Create a Customized School Library Orientation for Teachers -Looking Backward – No Sweat Library Lessons & Management That Works

Teacher attitude toward the school library determines student use of our facility. School Librarians can show teachers the benefits of collaboration & library visits by creating a customized l…

Kimberly Ashcraft

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