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Explore the lives of historical people who shaped the course of history. Discover their struggles, achievements, and legacies that continue to inspire us today.
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In the mid-2000s, historian Anna Pegler-Gordon said that visual media often seems more accessible to her students than the written record. They claimed images make the past seem more accessible, giving concrete shape to a world that sometimes seems intangible. Not to mention the immediacy of the image, which often conveys information more quickly than a primary document written in an unfamiliar, or even a foreign, language. But according to Pegler-Gordon, this immediacy also works well in…

Kunigunde Knieriem
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Old pictures combine two elements that curious minds like – history and photography. But have you ever wondered why you like looking at pictures more than written history? Why is that volume of World History so boring and less informative when it doesn’t have any photographs in it? That's because our brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, making it easier to learn through visual stimuli.

Andy Jepson
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The skill of some forensic artists, professionals who are dedicated to the Facial reconstruction of the deceased, is awe-inspiring. This time, we want to talk about one professional in particular who, unlike most in forensic science, did not resort to using a computer-aided approach, but instead used his hands.

Kelly Graham