House smells bad

Discover effective ways to get rid of bad smells in your house. Create a fresh and inviting atmosphere with these simple tips to make your home smell amazing.
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Your home bathroom may be one of the most viewed and used rooms in your house. It is a focal point for interesting decor and amazing scents for many. There may be instances where the bathroom needs a spruce. It may be in the form of a cleaning, improving the scent or changing the

Sue Berger
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Get rid of general odor or an old home smell with easy remedies to make your house smell good. A clean and fresh fragrance makes a space more relaxing. Eliminate a bad smell using white vinegar, a dryer sheet, baking soda, or a DIY air freshener and enjoy a more pleasant scent. #room #smell #good

Lisa Muniz
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When it comes to bathrooms, scent happens and that’s that. We only need to find ways and means to fight back those bad scents, and we can be super successful at doing just that every single day. As often as the bathroom is used, so often do we need to pay it some attention in

Dawn Gifford
It's not as hard as you think to have a good smelling bathroom! I found out that if I do these 5 things each week, my bathrooms smell AMAZING. These hacks fix most scent issues, like poop and pee smells that never go away. | #bathroomhacks #toilethacks #naturalcleaning Cleaning Tips, Diy, Ideas, Crafts, Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning Hacks, Bathroom Cleaning, Bathroom Smells, Cleaning Hacks

I'm not one to keep my bathrooms shiny and spotless because I HATE cleaning bathrooms with a passion! I will happily wash an unlimited amount of dishes, wash mountains of laundry, and mop all the floors.....but bathrooms??!! YUCK!! The reason I don't like getting intimate with my bathrooms (the smell) is precisely the reason I want them to smell fresh all the time. LOL what a dilemma! I don't know if I'm smart or lazy (maybe a little bit of both?), but at any rate, I've figured out some…