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Design a unique and professional housekeeping logo that represents your business. Stand out from the competition and attract more clients with a visually appealing logo that conveys trust and reliability.
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Luxury cleaning logo for your commercial and residential cleaning and housekeeping janitorial business, featuring split cleaning tools in gold and shiny blue color -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE • Adding your business name and tagline • Color and/or font changes Once I have received your information I will send you a proof sheet to review. If required you can request ONE round of revisions (it is…

Monika Berzinyte
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Cleaning logo design, Home service branding, Premade logo, House cleaning marketing kit, Housekeeping logo, Cleaning business, Maid Logo AFTER PURCHASING, EACH MY PROJECT WILL BE CUSTOMIZED BY FOLLOWING: ♥ YourName/Store name/Business Name ♥ Your initials ♥ Optional Tagline PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING AT CHECKOUT: ♥ Business Name ♥ Tagline (optional) ♥ Email Address Please, bear in mind that this premade logo will look different with your initials, because each combination of letters…

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DIGITAL TEMPLATE | Cleaning Logo Design Canva 6 Customizable Cleaning Service Logos Housecleaning Logo Editable Housekeeper Logo Cleaning Logo Template FOR CANVA IMPORTANT: You need Canva PRO or a CANVA PRO Trial version (FREE for 30 days) for transparent PNG logos after you customize them. Otherwise you can use the logos with a background color (shown in the video). Simply open a Canva account and apply for a Canva PRO FREE TRIAL that will be valid for 30 days free of charge. With amazing…

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