How to braid

Learn how to braid your hair in unique and stylish ways. From classic braids to trendy braided hairstyles, discover step-by-step tutorials and unleash your inner hairstylist.
How to braid your hair from Creating Laura.  #hairstyle Long Hair Styles, Braided Hairstyles, Braiding Your Own Hair, Braids For Long Hair, Braided Bun, Box Braids Hairstyles, Big Braids, Easy Braids, Curly Hair Styles

When I bother to put my hair up in something other than a 2-second ponytail, there are usually braids involved. Sometimes there are multiple braids, or french braids, or a braided bun, but there are almost always braids. The other day someone asked me how to do a basic braid, so I decided to do a basic hair braiding tutorial this week and a french braiding tutorial next time. I hope you like them! The main concept to braiding is that you have 3 separate sections of hair and you alternate…

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