Howard the duck

Embark on a hilarious and eccentric journey with Howard the Duck. Discover the misadventures of this unconventional hero and get ready for a wild ride!
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Howard the Duck is a sarcastic and quick-witted anthropomorphic duck from a parallel universe who embarked on bizarre adventures across the Multiverse.[16] Hailing from Duckworld, he found himself stranded on Earth-616 following a cosmic axis shift caused by Thog the Nether-Spawn.[17] In his new surroundings, Howard's life took a series of bizarre turns as he encountered various oddities and adversaries while navigating Earth's peculiarities. His adventures began in Cleveland, Ohio.[18]…

Todd R Habschied
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What drew me to this comic book was the cover, and the prospect of a comic book that will revitalize the lost art of the Zombie Genre. The Comic storyline is easy to follow, and brings us to an Old West town, where the comic book writer brings together western comic classics such as Kid Colt and Johnny Lightening. The town is starting to feel the wrath of the spreading Zombie virus, when intergalactic troopers (one of them being Machine Man, and the other being Howard the Duck) come to…

Ricardo Jellmayer