Illuminated Letters

Illuminate your world with unique and captivating illuminated letters. Discover top ideas for adding a touch of magic and personalization to your space with these creative designs.
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Manuscript art is the art of decorating and illustrating handwritten texts with fancy designs and pictures. Manuscript art has been around since ancient times when people believed that writing was important and wanted to make their written works look beautiful..

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Recently in my attempts to get myself to do art post-graduation I have been working on an Illuminted Letters Alphabet. Originally I was just going to make one 'A' but then I got caught up in it, so now I'm moving on to the whole alphabet. Each letter is inspired by an obscure or unusual word. A was before I really had any idea of a theme. I guess in retrospect A is for Aviary. I then experimented with some color, scanning in old test strips of watercolor samples. Still not quite sure if I…

Rishabh Kesarwni
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Hello Everyone, my name is Sue Higginson, and I am a calligrapher from the UK. I'm going to be talking you through the process of creating a beautiful illuminated letter from scratch using real gold. These letters are such fun to make, and the techniques of painting and gilding can…

Debbie Natalia

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