Improv quilting

Unleash your creativity with improv quilting techniques. Explore innovative ideas and designs to add a unique touch to your quilting projects. Get inspired and start quilting today!
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Why I Love Improv Quilting and Resources for Getting Started — Pin Cut Sew Studio

What is improv quilting and how can you get started? Read all about why I love improv quilting, get some ideas and check out the best books and bloggers for learning improvisational quilting, even if you’re a beginner! || Pin Cut Sew Studio

Lisbeth Polavarapu
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Getting Started in Improv Quilting...even if you don't know where to begin - Amy's Creative Side

Improv quilting is a fun and often overwhelming method to piece a quilt. I spent 100 days exploring improv quilting and want to encourage you to explore too! My History Looking around at my quilts and projects I’ve designed and made, I tend to be a very orderly quilter. I love the sequence and symmetry […]

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Improv Ladder Bee Blocks - Sarah Goer Quilts

In October, Allie asked us to make ladders for her Quilts Unscripted Bee. She asked that we make blocks that are at least 8" on each side with a ladder going all the way across the block, edge to edge. "The ladder can be curved, straight, leaning, have mismatched rungs, be missing rungs, anything. It ...continue reading →

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Improv Curve Quilt

My improv pieced curve quilt is finished. In my bid to practice sewing pieced curves, I got out a bunch of 5" squares that I had left over from a previous project and took to them with my rotary cutter. It was a little scary at the beginning, but I'm so glad that I made it... and finished it. I learned a lot about curved piecing along the way - the right ways of doing it, and the wrong. After watching a bunch of YouTube videos, it seems that I sewed my curves together the 'wrong' way. I had…

Lara Soetekouw
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piecing the improv together

On Saturday, it was raining. Not that hard but on and off, but enough that I could easily let the thought of gardening go. And my knee stopped hurting, at least mostly, it was like suddenly feeling 10 years younger, not having that huge pain every time I stood up. So I set about piecing my maximalist Bee Sewcial blocks together. I worked in lumps and chunks - from where they were last time I shared them. The trickiest part was to piece in the curvy piano keys. I used some pins to mark the…

Pez Sez