Infused coffee

Elevate your coffee experience with our collection of delicious infused coffee recipes. From classic flavors to unique combinations, discover new ways to enjoy your favorite drink.
Orange Cold Brew Coffee Spritz | Redpath Sugar

This bubbly summer sipper has a surprisingly complex taste, blending rich coffee and the caramel notes of Dark Brown Sugar with a blast of refreshing citrus. Make a pitcher and let the chilling begin!

Nono Glutinous
Coffee Bean Bamboo- infuse coffee easily into cocktails - Craft and Cocktails Brunch, Design, Art, Drinking, Summer Drinks, Darjeeling, Coffee Cocktails, Coffee Beans, Punch Drinks

Mixed with coffee beans right in the glass rather than a long infusion with them, the familiar flavor that whispers through out this Bamboo will be right on the tip of the tongue, yet almost indistinguishable among the classic Bamboo notes of sherry, herbal vermouth, orange, and spice.

Carissa Minder