Explore the lives of inventors who changed the world with their brilliant creations. Learn about their innovative ideas and the impact they had on society.
This website has a ton of great ideas! The image is of the journal that she has them keep of information they learn about inventors. She also had her first graders experiment with phones they made from tin cans, which I think is a fun, authentic activity. BP Teaching Social Studies, Inventors And Inventions For Kids, First Grade Parade, Famous Inventors, 1st Grade Science, First Grade Science, Reading Street, Science Curriculum, Thomas Edison

Inventors & Inventions

This past week we started wrapping up our study on Inventors & Inventions in Science/Social Studies. I guess I underestimated the interest my kids would have in the subject because they were SO into it!! We started by learning about a few very important inventors…Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and The Wright Brothers. We made …

Brittany Harris

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