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Embark on a journey to Japan and immerse yourself in its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and exquisite cuisine. Discover top travel ideas to make your trip to Japan truly unforgettable.
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A 9 Day Itinerary for Your First Trip to Japan!

Hello everyone! A few weeks ago, I went to Japan for the first time, and words can simply not express how magical it was! After being in the country for only 11 days (booooo American PTO), I am certain I will be back. Since I've returned, I've had quite a few people reach out to me about how we planned our trip, how we decided what to do, and how we fit so much in to a small window of time. If you're here from my YouTube video, welcome! This is the more detailed version of the itinerary. The…

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The Utimate Japan Bucket List : 33 AWESOME Things To Do In Japan

As someone who grew up reading manga and doing Judo, Japan has always been a dream destination for me. Spending two weeks in Japan last year was a travel dream come true. I had the

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22 Travel Essentials For Japan: What To Pack For Your Trip — findingfiona

Discover the ultimate guide to travel essentials for Japan! From vital documents and important electronics, to must-have accessories, learn what to pack for Japan to ensure your adventure is unforgettable.

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18 Fun and unique things to do in Tokyo - Chapter Travel

Because I had such high expectations of Tokyo, I was afraid I would eventually be disappointed (hello tourist traps). Luckily my expectations were definitely met. Because even though Tokyo definitely is a very touristic destination, this doesn't bother me as much as it would with other places. This is probably because I already expect a

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Traveling to Japan For the First Time (Top Tips for Places to Visit, What to See and More)

First time in Japan? From the top five best places to visit in Japan to the top five things you should always have on you while traveling there, here’s your top tips for traveling to Japan for the first time. This post breaks planning down so easily.

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2 Weeks in Japan Itinerary for first time visitors

This comprehensive 2 weeks in Japan itinerary will help you plan your stay, with tips on what to do, see and eat. It also has information on accommodation and all essential must-see places in various cities around the country. We spent 2 weeks in Japan and fell in love with the country, so much so that we ultimately moved and lived in Tokyo for a while. Hence, this ultimate guide comes from expats who know Japan very well.

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