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This is a new painting by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara for the Kiyosumi Earthquake Relief Charity Auction in April of 2011. If you want to support earthquake victims and own an original painting by Nara, here's your chance! Please check out the auction website for a full listing of art on auction. [Note: This is a promo image for the show, copyright Yoshitomo Nara.]

Sa Sa
Painting of girl with tongue out by famous Japanese artist

Yoshitomo Nara is among the most beloved Japanese artists of his generation. His widely recognizable portraits of menacing figures reflect the artist’s raw encounters with his inner self. A peripatetic traveler, Nara’s oeuvre takes inspiration from a wide range of resources—memories of his childhood, music, literature, studying and living in Germany (1988–2000), exploring his roots in Japan, Sakhalin, and Asia, and modern art from Europe and Japan. Spanning over 30 years from 1987 to 2020…