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"Do you know how much the head of a force wielder would get you?"  "Y… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Star Wars Girl, Female Jedi, Darth Revan, Star Wars Characters Pictures, Star Wars Concept Art, Star Wars Outfits, Star Wars Rpg, Star Wars Costumes, Star Wars Women

The Rogue: The Mandalorian

Book 1: "Do you know how much the head of a force wielder would get you?" "You're really annoying you realize that?" "And do you realize you're a prick?" Kore was a force wielder in hiding. An isolated planet is what she called home, that is until life was disrupted by a certain bounty hunter. She lived through Sith and Jedi nearly corrupting her soul. How will she react to spending so much time with someone nearly as isolated as herself? Disclaimer!! Non of the characters except my oc are…

ArtStation - STAR WARS - CLONE TROOPER REDESIGN Clone Airborne Trooper, Star Wars Soldier, Soldier Design, Battle Of Geonosis, Arc Trooper, Clone Trooper Armor, Star Wars Timeline, Clone Wars Art, Star Wars Planets


And here we are folks. Resume with the redesign of the clone troopers. Still in phase 1 and during the first battle of Geonosis. I decided to better define the clone soldiers first, in order to better launch the next illustrations that will arrive, and together with these I hope a common thread. Here we see the clones using their two main weapons (adapted for this design) DC-15a and DC-15s. There are of course also differences in the equipment. The "heavy" of the two wields the long weapon…

Andrew McCaffrey
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Star Wars - Redemption | Jedi Knights, Etienne Beschet

Hello there ! Jedi Knights are an iconic part of Star Wars universe and here is my take on it. I first wanted to populate the Coruscant Archives level with elegant Jedi statues, with various poses. To do so, instead of sculpting poses one by one, I wanted to build a "rig-able statue", but I ended up thinking it could be a cool thing to bring on Jedi Knights into the demo. Like always : unplanned stuff is most welcome to the project =) I had fun with the design of 5 new hilts, taking…

Nelson Leonard