Jester makeup

Transform yourself into a whimsical jester with these creative makeup ideas. Explore different techniques and colors to bring out your inner clown.
I think I first saw this image when was in Grade 11. I love the simplicity of the makeup. Costumes, Vintage, Send In The Clowns, Court Jester, Jolly, Purchase, Tema, Jester, Harlequin

Once again I apologize for the neglect of this blog. But I promise to post right now. Yesterday I went to a Renaissance Festival with my mother and sister. It was quite fun and we did a lot of walking. And because of all this walking today I've had to do a lot of sitting and laying down. But that's ok because it gives me time to read, research and (for all my readers) blog. The renaissance started in the late 14th century. A movement of literature, art and philosophy in Italy at this time in…

Debra Straughan