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Create a vibrant and inspiring art studio for your kids with these creative and fun ideas. Encourage their artistic talents and explore their imagination in a space designed just for them.
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Yesterday my husband and I cruised the streets of San Fernando Valley in search of an art studio space to lease. We are looking for a beautiful slice of heaven tucked in some sweet unexpected spot with high ceilings, an inexpensive price tag and some crazy amazing natural light! (positive thinking people!!!) Just a place I can make into […]

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Take a look at our colourful kids art area perfect for getting creative + download a FREE ebook guide for designing your own art space! This is one of our favourite spots in our house! It was set up several years ago now and is still one of the most used places in our house for all kinds of creative projects and play. Our art space is a multi-age space that works for our 7 year old and 3.5 year old daughters. Eventually it will be a space for all 3 kids as our youngest daughter grows…

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I’m excited to introduce you to The Children’s Art Factory, an inspiriting creativity play space in Guelph, Ontario (Canada), founded by Melissa Mazar, aka Missy Pepperpot. When families walk inside Missy’s space, they’re greeted with process-focussed hands-on activities that engage their minds and bodies. Inside you might find things like open-ended art making, an enormous […]

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