Labrador Retriever

Explore the lovable world of Labrador Retrievers with cute pictures and insightful breed information. Find out everything you need to know about this friendly and intelligent dog breed.
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20 Most Cutest Labrador Retriever

The cutest yet totally silly, the Golden Retriever puppies are a delightful addition in our homes. Although they grow up to look massively huge and enormous, let’s face it, these furballs can most of the time tend to be as clumsy and give you the hardest of times. Taking care of a lab puppy is no joke. Its a lifetime responsibility with nothing in return expected. Especially the White Labrador Retriever with a face as white as snow is something you just can’t ignore. They love to eat almost…

Pam Westfall
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Which Labrador Color is Best?

Wondering which Labrador color is best? Or which color Labrador you should get? We take a look at the different colors of Labrador. Helping you to find out more about the chocolate, black and yellow Labrador Retrievers. As well as the ranges of shades in between, including those controversial dilute tones. They aren’t all identical, and some […]

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