Large terracotta pots outdoor

Enhance your outdoor space with stunning large terracotta pots. Discover creative ideas to create a charming and vibrant ambiance for your garden or patio.
We have a large variety of Greek terracotta pots and jars perfect for any sized garden.

Eye of the Day imports handmade Greek terracotta pottery from a small manufacturer on the island of Crete. Greek pottery is produced by ancient techniques, using hand and foot-turned potter’s wheels to shape the pots. Their unique color is the result of being fired in kilns fueled by olive pits. We regularly stock antique Greek oil jars, and though new Greek pots add to any garden or home, an antique terracotta pot with a look that can only be achieved with age, adds an elegant touch to…

Martina Lebron
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Our handmade Italian terracotta pots and vases are perfect for planting and placing in the garden, terrace or patio, our planters are all made from the finest Tuscan clay and are frost proof.