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Say goodbye to unwanted hair with these highly effective laser hair removal devices. Discover the best options for achieving smooth and hair-free skin at home or in a professional setting.
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Looking to try at-home laser hair removal devices? Not all are created equally, which is why we tested 13 different types over the span of 12 weeks to see which were the most effective. Here are the 7 winning devices with input and tips from four dermatologists.

Nina Gorman

Do I wish there was a cheaper long-term solution to permanently remove my hair on my own time? Yes! We all know that shaving lasts for a day at most, and waxing is painful and doesn't last much longer. Traditional laser hair removal may be popular, but the cost alone is like having a car

Lynette Rose
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Are those at-home IPL hair removal gadgets legit? All of your burning questions answered + the top IPL device picks for your needs! | IPL At-Home Hair Removal #bodyhairremoval #laserhairremoval #permanenthairremoval #painlesshairremoval #ipldevice

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It’s little wonder searches for laser hair removal devices are on the rise. Not only are we forced to take certain beauty treatments into our own hands right now, they’re actually more cost effective despite yielding the same salon-worthy results. From the most affordable, to the ones best suited to darker skin tones, here are our top picks…

Celena Gray