Laundry room addition

Transform your home with a functional laundry room addition. Explore innovative ideas to maximize space and streamline your laundry routine.
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When Brian and Celia moved to Texas, we decided it would be a good time to freshen up the house before Randy and Courtney moved in. They painted the whole thing a nice light brown color. Then we got the idea to move the laundry facilities from the basement to a room in the back of the garage. The only problem is, there was no room in the garage. Well, my brother, Randy Chambers just happened to have the abilities, skills and time to build that room. He is amazing, he designed, then built a…

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I was almost finished writing my post about the painted shiplap in the laundry and mudroom when I realized I’ve never actually shared my plans for the laundry room. So let’s back up and dive into that before forging ahead with the makeover. As a reminder, here is the floorplan for the laundry room … About two...

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Pantries and laundry rooms are two essential yet typically small rooms in a house. To save space and square footage, is it possible to combine the two rooms into one? For your convenience, we've brought you the answer. You can absolutely combine a pantry and laundry room. It is best to locate this room near […]

32 Best Laundry Room Layout Ideas for Every Home Garages, Studio, Ideas, Laundry Room Organization, Laundry Pantry Combo Ideas, Laundry Room Layouts, Laundry Room Closet, Large Laundry Rooms, Laundry Room Renovation

Laundry room layout ideas are pivotal in creating a functional and welcoming space to handle everyday tasks. These designs demonstrate how to maximize every inch of room, whether it's through smart storage solutions, the strategic placement of appliances, or the incorporation of natural light. Each layout reflects a balance between practicality and style, proving that laundry rooms can be both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. From compact spaces to large family utility areas, there's…

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