Lego beach

Build your own Lego beach paradise with these fun and creative ideas. Get inspired to create sandy shores, colorful beach umbrellas, and more with Lego bricks.

"Life takes you down many paths but my favourite ones lead to the beach" ~unknown~Beach Huts are the perfect place to unwind in a busy world. In Lego ...

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LEGO Beach House - Beach Front | Long frustrating day trying… | Flickr Diy, Legoland, Lego City, Legos, Lego Beach, Lego House Ideas Furniture, Lego House Ideas, Lego Mansion, Lego Room

Long frustrating day trying to get a good picture! Photography is not my forte! Not enough light and I don't have the right equipment! It is finally done except for a few small pieces that I am waiting on BL for. It is not on a nice display base as it will be incorporated into a beach layout with other houses and a finished detailed beach! This was a very fun build! More interior detail pictures to follow.

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