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Explore the world of LEGO sculptures and be amazed by the creativity and craftsmanship. Discover top ideas to create your own LEGO masterpieces and unleash your inner builder.
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Wednesday Geeky Pics: Fun with Legos - Geeks are Sexy

By Casey Lynn Contributing Writer, [GAS] Today this set of geeky pics takes you to the wonderful world of tiny building blocks and square-bodied people. Apparently taking pictures of Lego creations is a popular past time; I found so many neat things on this search that I may have to do another set on some […]

Elizabeth Jones
Lego Tensegrity, Tensegrity Sculpture, Lego Universe, Construction Lego, Lego Display, Lego Sculptures, Micro Lego, Lego Activities, Amazing Lego Creations

My take on Lego Tensegrity Sculpture

Inspired by the movie scene from ”Inception”, to keep the upper part floating is really not as easy as it looks, the height and weight of each building and the position of those chains.....all needed to take into consideration. And it became even harder when I tried to make each building looks a bit different from the others.

Yayo Oh