Line up chants

Boost team spirit with these catchy line up chants. Get your players pumped up and ready for the game with these energetic and motivating chants.
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Classroom Management Songs and Chants

I posted about these songs about a year ago on my Instagram feed and so many of you asked if I would be putting these in my TPT shop to sell. At the time, we had only written three, and I just didn't feel like that was enough to make a whole resource with. Since then, I have been working on writing new transition songs that are sung to some of our kids' favorite tunes! Singing CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT SONGS AND CHANTS during transitions makes moving from one thing or place to another almost…

Ashley Peters
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Loving the Line - Tricks for Lining Up - Make Moments Matter

Does it ever feel like the last 3 minutes of class can be the craziest? You get students all settled down where they’re learning and following directions with no problems and the second you mention the words “line up” they turn into a herd of cats. Line up time doesn’t […]

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Why Not Teach Students to Be Calm? - Sing Play Create

From the minute my students walk in to my classroom to the minute they leave, I take them through a sequence of activities and routines that work seamlessly together to ensure that student learning is optimized. For me, having a flow during the class time is the critical element in teaching the lesson concept. Without […]

Hannah Snyder